Arts & Crafts Fundation of Chile

Merging the chileans traditions with the openness and public availability of the digital world

I contributed to the Fundación de Artesanías de Chile, E-Commerce project aiming to foster a cultural platform that emphasizes Chilean craftsmanship’s rich culture, history, and values.

The initiative sought to enable fair trade commerce for over 2,200 artisans across Chile, offering a unique blend of cultural appreciation and commercial viability through an online marketplace.

Arts & Crafts Fundation of Chile


In response to the dynamic shifts in their industry landscape and a desire to connect more effectively with a younger audience, our client recognized the imperative for a comprehensive brand refresh.

Driven by a commitment to remaining current, aligning with contemporary values, and resonating authentically with a dynamic audience, the refresh encompassed a holistic approach — from visual aesthetics and messaging to a profound reimagining of the overall brand experience.


The primary challenge was to strike a delicate balance between the cultural and commercial facets of the foundation. It was imperative to drive sales while preserving the highest conversion rates possible without overshadowing the foundational cultural and educational values. Achieving this equilibrium required thoughtful integration of diverse elements into the platform to equally serve the foundation’s dual objectives.


The project’s technical backbone was built on WordPress with WooCommerce, leveraging a LearnDash (LMS) plugin for online courses, a digital magazine, and a documents repository.

I have customized the site’s theme and functions using WP/Woo action hooks and APIs.

This platform also offers third-party shipping rates, custom post types/taxonomies, and other features to enrich its functionality and user experience.

Additionally, the server setup, launch activities, and ongoing improvements were meticulously managed to ensure optimal performance and scalability.


The outcome was a robust e-commerce platform that facilitated the fair trade of artisanal goods and served as a vibrant educational and cultural resource. This digital hub successfully bridges the gap between traditional Chilean crafts and global audiences, supporting artisans financially while promoting cultural heritage.

Igniting innovation through visionary design and strategic brilliance.

Igniting innovation through visionary design and strategic vision.

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